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Warning Systems

West Shore Services Warning Systems are designed and installed to meet the customized requirements of each individual location. We can utilize traditional pole mount units or can design, build and install customized mounting solutions in our in-house fabrication shop. Utilizing our own factory-certified staff, licensed electricians and an arsenal of installation equipment we provide complete, secure solutions without involving a string of subcontractors.

What We Do

We Offer secure, customized, turn-key Solutions

Using the latest technological advances and our authorized representative partnership with Federal Signal (the leading supplier of warning system equipment) alert systems can be customized to signal or distribute alerts to a wide range of devices including: text messaging to cell phones, pager, email, alarms, strobes or PC stations in your network.


West Shore Services offers warning systems for personnel, commercial and military use. They provide high-quality components such as sirens, alerts, and communication systems with noise protection. They also offer turn-key solutions and have a track record of service and reliability. Their partnership with Federal Signal allows them to offer exclusive authorized representative services. Customers can get a quote from their website.


West Shore Services offers turn-key warning systems with voice and text messaging for municipal, public, campus, and government use, including severe weather, natural disasters, and civil defense information. They're the authorized Federal Signal distributor for Michigan and have installed and maintained over 1,500 sirens across the US, ensuring high reliability and quality. Customers can get a quote from their website.



West Shore Services offers advanced warning system solutions, including surveys and master plans for communities, equipment delivery and installation, maintenance and repair services, and used equipment sales. Their experienced staff provides prompt and effective services, and they are licensed electrical contractors with partnerships with major warning system manufacturers. They also offer narrowbanding, RF services, and FCC licensing.

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